About me.

UPDATE: This text is obsolete. I have stopped cycling, though I still keep travelling…

My name is Peter and I have bought a bicycle with which I intend to travel around the world. It’s a bit of an experiment and I don’t even know if I like bicycle touring. People keep asking me that question, so there you are. They also  tell me I look a lot like Bruce Springsteen.
I am a bit taller, though.

Gobi toilet

This is me in a toilet in the Gobi desert.

About this trip.

During my first stint of serious travel, totalling 37 months non-stop, I occasionally met adventurous cyclists in very remote parts of the world. However hard I travelled, on top of cattle-trucks in Africa, hitchhiking in Western Tibet or riding in rattling pickups through the potholed backroads of Burma, they were always there: sunburned, dusty, skinny men (and women) with big smiles on their faces. Whenever I met them, I wanted to be one of them, and so I decided to do this trip.

This trip started September 16th 2014.


Self portrait (2017)


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