But why?

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

– Nietzsche

And how?

Fleas and lice biting;.
awake all night.
a horse pissing close to my ear.


– Matsuo Bashu
(sketch by the author)


In April 2015, Turkey’s State Directorate for Religious Affairs, the Diyanet, issued a fetva that permitted the use of toilet paper for cleaning oneself after use of the toilet, but also stated that washing with water was still the preferred method.


In 1958 the government of Nepal gave the yeti a protected status. It also charged expeditions trying to find the yeti, a fee of 5,000 rupees.


The FAQ on the English website of Vietnam Railways was written in endearing English:

Incase we forget or lost our luggages on train, can we take them again ? how? Incase you forget your luggages, we are really sorry that you can not take them back. Because train staffs change  shilfs according 1 hours/time and  amount of people get on and off train are too much, so they can not manage your luggages, also we are not responsibility for your luggage on train. Please keep your luggages with you carefully!!!

Vietnam (2)

The Vietnamese language has no words to discriminate between green and blue.
blue = màu xanh da trời
green = màu xanh lá
Playing with Google Translate suggested that the first term means as much as blue-blue, while the second term can be more literally translated as blue-leaf, that is, the blue colour typical of leaves….

South East Asia

It’s the curse of tourism to destroy what it most desires

– Stephen Fry