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Up and running

The knee surgery went very well and I am up and running again. The whole affair was more complicated then I expected and involved general anesthesia, which was a first for me. In the morning I took a bus to the hospital and after some administrative procedures, I was shown ‘my room’. In there I was to take a shower and shave the area around my right knee. After that I changed into a hospital gown. A nurse pushed me in a wheelchair to a  room where I underwent some examination. Being propelled in this fashion felt particularly strange to  me, because I was still perfectly able to walk by myself at that point… Back in my room I noticed it was raining outside.

hopital selfie

Hospital selfie

Of the operation itself I was, thanks to modern anaesthetics, blissfully unaware. After I awoke I shivered uncontrollably for some time,  which was, as I found out later, due to the anesthetic inhibiting my body’s thermoregulatory capability. The knee itself felt good though, if slightly uncomfortable. After moving it around carefully, that felt better as well.
When I was back in my room, the doctor visited me and congratulated me on the successful operation. The knee was better than he had anticipated based on the MRI scan, and he assured me I could continue my cycling trip to South Africa, if so I wished…

Although I was free to go back to my hostel, I decided to stay in the hospital for the night as it was already past eight o’clock and I was still bandaged and dressed in my unfashionable hospital gown. It seemed unwise to go scurrying around on crutches in Faro at night.  When two nurses told me independently that they thought it was better for me to stay in the hospital and still feeling very tired and insecure on my feet, I thought it best to accept the offer.

Next morning I walked around with growing confidence and left the hospital in the morning. At the reception  I asked for the bus stop, but when I found out that a taxi would only cost  me 8 euro, I decided to indulge in this luxury…

That afernoon I was sitting in the sunshine on the rooftop terrace, sipping a glass of wine.
Up and running…


Knee post operation


Accommodation in the hospital