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Bucket lists and botany

Five days after my knee surgery, I rode on my bicycle back to the hospital. Doctor Pessoa told me the stitches had to remain there for another three days, otherwise ‘everything will come out of your knee‘, This seemed undesirable, and so, yesterday, I took my bicycle out to the hospital again, but there must have been some misunderstanding because the doctor wasn’t there and the nurses maintained that I had to come back next Monday as it was too early for the stitches to be removed. After consultation with another doctor, I condoned,  and so I have to wait another four more days…

Colourful mural in Faro

Colourful mural in Faro

Meanwhile, my knees feel good and therefore I have high hopes of continuing my cycling trip soon, although at a slower pace than before and not being altogether sure as to it’s destination. At the very least I want to make it as far as Gibraltar, which is mostly flat terrain and seems for that reason quite feasible. After that I will reevaluate my experiences and decide if I want to carry on travelling in this way or revert to a more conventional mode of travel.
Up to now, my journey hasn’t come up to expectations and if I look at my experiences so far, I have to acknowledge they rather pale in comparison with those from my previous exploits. Riding a bicycle through the rain, while dodging heavy traffic, doesn’t compare very well to trekking to the Everest Base Camp, nor does having knee surgery in Portugal compare favorably to snorkeling with whalesharks in the tropical waters off Mozambique…

It is for the above reason that I’ve started contemplating alternatives for bicycle touring and putting together a bucket list of things to see or accomplish during my future travels. This last objective was not as easy as I thought it would be, because some entries would be rather ambitious if not extremely expensive. Some items I thought it might include:
– Snorkeling with Scarlett Johansson, whales or dolphins.
– Climbing, or witnessing from up close, an acitve volcano.
– Observing the Holi festival in India.
This list is very much a work in progress, so any suggestions to expand it are welcome.


Decoration in Igreja do Pedro in which some ugly woman pulls a rope. The scene is puzzling me.

The ubiquitous orange trees in the city have blossomed and to my surprise the smell was very much like the smell of jasmine which I always find noticeable because they remind me instantly of the fragrant temples of Bagan and the fond memories I have of traveling in that area.

Next to the hostel stands a fig tree and recently it has started to regrow its leaves. More remarkably, It’s laden with figs and I am told they will soon be ripe. Trees bearing fruit in the spring is new to me, though there is a biblical reference to this fact (which you may feel free to google).