Angkor Wat illustrations

Sometime ago I downloaded GIMP on my laptop, a free graphics editor and a good alternative to Photoshop. Before that, I used MS Paint to crop photos and perform other minor adjustments to pictures. GIMP allows you to use layers and I thought that would be useful when making animations where it would save a lot of work. So far I haven’t been very successful as it doesn’t seem to work very intuitive. In other words: it never did what I wanted. Not ever. When I was playing with some colour options, however, I found out that I could easily manipulate the photos i took of  my water colours with some astounding results:


It was all like: how’s this? and I was all like: Wow!!
Not all water colours came out better with GIMP….

These, for example, became very blotched after the process. Maybe they weren’t very good to begin with….


This one, on the other hand, improved a lot after the paint job. The original looked like a sick mummy with a skin disease….

Still, I’m not very sure about those ‘effects’, it somehow seems ethically flawed and it makes you realise that all those fabulous pictures on so many travelblogs might look a lot better than in reality. Maybe that’s why I prefer writing as an art form… Although, undoubtedly, some day you will be able to download some AI software and  upgrade your writing. Maybe it will feature options like Hemingway cool, Jane Austen dialogue or Oscar Wilde wit. If you think it crashed, you might have accidentally chosen James Joyce mashup…

Next post more about Cambodia…


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