Walking around Kuala Lumpur

After landing I took a shuttle bus from the airport to central Kuala Lumpur where I found a hostel in Chinatown.

I LOVE CHINATOWN. No more dal bhat, no more power outages, no more cold nights.

In the market in Chinatown, not far from where I was eating, there was an open air chicken butchery. When I was waiting for my Madras rice noodles, I saw how live chickens were thrown in a scalding basin. They flapped their wings like mad, quite understandably, and two managed to fall out, but after that, lay lifeless on the ground.

Dead chickens. If you don't see dead chickens, you might have installed the vegetarian version of Google Chrome...

Dead chickens. If you don’t see dead chickens, you might have installed the vegetarian beta version of Google Chrome…

In the afternoon I walked over to the Petronas Towers,but to go up to the observation deck to enjoy the views cost a whopping 85 ringgit. My guidebook, which I had picked up somewhere where it was gathering dust, mentioned 10 ringgit, but oil prices have fallen and Petronas is looking for other sources of revenu. This time I just visited the mall on the lower floors and wandered around in the cool air conditioning, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Versace had all set up shop here and there were a lot of people around who had not found the Tao of Cheap yet.


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