Highway to Kosovo

Before I left Kukës I visited the Berber to get my hair cut. It set me back 200 leks and hardly helped in getting rid of my Albanian money.

Highway pedestrian crossing Albanian style..

Highway pedestrian crossing Albanian style..

The only practical way of getting to Kosovo was getting back on the highway.  It had the look and feel of a highway, but in all other aspects it was used as a normal road. Dogs lay in the shadow of the guard rail separating the lanes and people walked along it. I saw even cow pats on the shoulder, evidence of a bovine presence not long ago. On the short stretch to the border I also noticed several makeshift crossings [see photo above] so people could visit their fields on the other side of the highway.

Old bridge Prizren

Old bridge Prizren

The border was a bit confusing as there was only one checkpoint where I got a stamp in my passport for Kosovo. Apparently the customs authorities from Albania and Kosovo work together and I was no longer in the Albanian computer system…

From the border to Prizren was only a short ride. In Kosovo the population is predominantly Albanian and I was pleased to practise the three words I have managed to learn so far in the Albanian language. The word Falinmindiret means ‘thank you’, but literally it means: ‘I pray for your honour’, which I think is far more beautiful. Prizren has many mosques and the city has a large Turkish population. Like Montenegro, the currency is the euro, though I have to admit I don’t know how that works. In Montenegro I talked to the girl that worked in the hostel and she explained that the Montenegran government buys euros from the European Central Bank.
With what? I asked.
She had no idea.

My last day in Prizren I joined some other people in the hostel I was staying and we hiked in the mountains south of Prizren. They were nice mountains.


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