Still in Genoa because it’s too hot to ride a bicycle.

In the morning I sat for my tent and watched two Italian wall lizards dazing in the sunshine on a tree trunk. Next I saw how a lilttle green grashopper jumped audaciously some thirty centimetres in the direction of the lizards. The smaller lizard moved swiftly and next it had the little insect in its mouth. The other one circled it jealously but to no avail: reptiles are not well known for their empathy.  With my mug of morning coffee in my hand, I enjoyed this little scene immensely and I only missed the elegant commentary of Sir David Attenborough.

It wasn’t too hot for swimming and so I descended the long flight of stairs once more to swim in the Ligurian Sea. When, after some vigorous breast  crawl, I took a shower I noticed how the lifeguard, who was sitting nearby, was softly singing in Italian. For some reason it seemed very appropriate.

From a photo

From a photo

Sketching makes me understand why photography is so widely popular: proportions and likeness are so much easier achieved by means of a camera. And so much faster.

I Pittori

I Pittori

My little sketch of ‘I Pittori’ was based on a painting in the Museum of Modern Art in Genoa which, in it’s original, is much bigger, but I was pleased with the abstract I was able to make.

Portraits are very difficult because as humans we are evolutionary adept in recognising each other. It’s much harder, however, to recognise individual pinguïns as there is little evolutionary advantage in being able to do so. For that reason it seems evident that sketching pinguïns is much easier even though it never really caught on.

Sketches from sculptures in the Wolfsonia:


Wolfsonia 1

Wolfsonia 2

Wolfsonia 2


Wolfsonia 3












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