From Seville I cycled to Jerez de la Frontera and it was for the first time in quite a while I was going south again. The first bit was nice and flat but in the early afternoon I got some nasty hills to climb. It was quite hot.

In Jerez de la Frontera I found a room in the Albergue Inturjoven. It was amazing value for 20 euros. The building was gigantic and mostly empty. It reminded me of big hotels in China. The next morning I was feasting on a nice breakfast buffet (included in the price) in the almost empty dining room.

Close to the hostel I found a peluqueria de caballero, where I had a hair cut for 5 euro. Till now I had assumed that a peluqueria was a place to drink hard liquor. The one I found was open and I peeked inside and now my hair is cut, brushed, scented and I look like James Dean in Rebel without a Cause.

New hairdo in Jerez

New hairdo in Jerez

The name of Jerez de la Frontera reminds of the Reconquista, when Jerez was a bordertown and close to the as of yet unconquered Grenada.

After my port tasting experience in Porto, it seemed appropriate to expand my knowledge of fortified wines with a similar activity in Jerez, which is the epicentre of Sherry production.

“Christopher Columbus brought Sherry on his voyage to the New World and when Ferdinand Magellan prepared to sail around the world in 1519, he spent more on Sherry than on weapons”. – Wikipedia.

The wine barrels in which the sherry is stored are reused for ageing Scotch whisky, but I don’t think I’ll be going to Scotland any time soon..
Included in the price of the tour were three sherries. They ranged from dry to sweet to syrupy.

On my way south I cycled past Cape Trafalgar. It looked like this:

Cape Trafalgar

Cape Trafalgar

This was where the English admiral Horation Nelson won a famous victory, known as the Battle of Trafalgar. Unfortunately he was shot and killed as well.


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