On the move again

On the last day of April I left Faro and cycled to a campsite a few kilometres past Tavira. It was only a short ride, because I had promised  myself to go slowly as part of a rehabilitation program I had doctored out myself. That meant doing lots of stretches, short distances  and lots of resting days. The knees are still not alright, so I keep matters on the safe side.

Shortly after I  had arrived at the campsite, a lot of teenagers were dumped by their parents on a plot near me. They casually set up their  tents nearly on top of each other, clearly as a pretence and certainly not disguising their true intention to do some serious partying. The first of May was a holiday and they had a long weekend.

I already regretted having left Faro.

The next day I visited Tavira. I followed he ecovia, but as usual and I got totally lost. I had downloaded some Google maps from 1996 apparently.

In Tavira I made some pictures of the Moorish built castelo.

Moorish wall in Tavira with Bougainvillea

Moorish wall in Tavira with Bougainvillea

The next day I revisited Tavira after I had moved my tent to another plot. On the way back I visited the picturesque ruin of a fort. It was built a long time ago by some people who wanted to defend something against some other people. It was very nice with wild flowers.

Exploring the fort

Exploring the fort

The following day I crossed the border into Spain. This time not on my bicycle but on the ferry. As a result I entered a different timezone which meant some serious jetlag the following day.

Camping life

Camping life

Glad to be back in Spain!


2 thoughts on “On the move again

  1. Jolanda

    Fijn dat je weer op weg bent! Ik hoop dat je knie zich goed houdt. En anders kun je altijd nog terug naar Portugal 🙂


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