In his office on the ground floor of the hospital, Dr Fernando Pessoa had another look at my knees. We discussed  the progress of my medical condition in the last couple of weeks and he told me he thought it would be best for me to have a knee arthroscopy. This is a small, minimal invasive surgery with a good chance of success and so we made an appointment for the next week.

After the operation I should expect to rest for another two to three weeks and so I am hopeful to continue my journey, after a short delay, by the end of April, It’s not entirely sure if I could do so by bicycle, although the doctor seemed quite optimistic.

I have to wait…

After failing to spot a chameleon in the National Reserve, I was very surprised to see a gekko on the rooftop terrace of my hostel. I didn’t know of the existence of a Mediterranean gekko species, but a quick search showed that it’s common in all warmer parts of Europe…

The gekko hid in a small hole under the glass plate of the table I sat at and where it, quite unexpectedly, died.



2 thoughts on “Arthroscopy

  1. Gert

    Hoi Peter, het schiet niet op met de knie. Ik hoop op positief nieuws voor je en dat je de reis kunt voortzetten op de fiets. Vermaak je je nog wel een beetje in Portugal? En als je helemaal niet weet je moet doen: je TFS account is nog actief, misschien kun je nog een handje helpen. Beterschap en we blijven je volgen!

  2. Karen Lee

    what the hell is Arthroscopy! oh.. I’m seeing your knee problem for a few months.. really hope you get well soon and.. miss you badly! 😉


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