Faro news

After a third visit to the meanwhile familiar hospital, the doctor recommended that an MRI scan should be made of my knees. As this is a fairly expensive test, the hospital needed approval from my insurance company and so I made a telephone call to ask for it. This took some time, mainly because of the weekend, but eventually the approval came through.

However, my Insurance company didn’t want the State Hospital to do the test and, after consulting me, they have contacted a private hospital to do the MRI. That sounded all pretty good to me. I don’t know anything about private hospitals but I imagine welcome drinks and fresh flowers.

So why are MRI scans so expensive? Well, its mainly because the hardware costs a fortune. And if you have expensive hardware, you want qualified people to operate it, and qualified people wouldn’t mind working in Malibu, so they cost a fortune as well. And you need people to keep everything clean and, so you see, it all adds up.

The MRI machine itself is a big magnet and it’s going to be a first time for me. It wasn’t really on my bucket list, but now it seems quite exciting to be stuffed in a big magnet and stay for some time in a higly magnetic field and get all your hydrogen-atoms realigned for a while…

But for now I have to wait for the appointment to be made by the hospital.


3 thoughts on “Faro news

  1. luk

    I remember working in southmead hospital. Staff would MRI testicles for fun. Would advise to get some morphine prescriptions wnd cycle the fuck away to tarifa.

  2. Fred

    Spannend Peter, een MRI scan stelt natuurlijk niets voor. Maar je moet wel een half uur lang stil blijven liggen. Anders krijge je (net als een foto met tijdopname) een wazig beeld. Ga maar eens oefenen met je been een half uur lang in dezelfde houding (en echt geen milimeter verdraaien) Succes!


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