The pursuit of happiness

I cycle in the pursuit of happiness, but I seem to get lost a lot.

I wanted to make an excursion to Estoi, about ten kilometres north of Faro. It looked easy enough, just heading north, but for no reason at all I took the wrong road. There was a lot of traffic and I didn’t enjoy my ride so I decided to go back. Just as I had turned around, I got a flat tyre, the first since I left home. Since I had no repair-kit with me, I had to walk back to the hostel in my pursuit of happiness.

The next day I took the wheel out and when examining the tube I found that I had torn a hole in it, around the valve. I replaced the tube with a spare one and since I had the wheel out, I changed the brake-pads as well. The pursuit of happiness could continue.

My next try for Estoi was more successful. Before I left,  I had had a good look at the map and found the right route. It was a small road flanked with orange groves. Estoi was a charming little village, with a picturesque church. The Palácio was closed but the garden looked beautiful as I peered throuh the fence.


Statue in the garden of the Palacio in Estoi

Looking at the statue (photograph above) made me happy. Most statues I have ever seen, appear to have rather bland features, but this one had a pretty face. I don’t know what happened to her left arm. All too soon the happiness faded and I had to get on my bicycle again.

I cycled to the Roman ruins, but they would only open at 2 pm. They had been there for two thousand years, but now they were closed. So I cycled back and bought a sandwich to sustain myself. I sat on a bench and looked at the church, This is what the church looked like:


After I finished the sandwich I rode back to the ruins where now were present two men who were ready to receive my payment and gave me permission to access the grounds. There was not much to see, as they were ruins  after all, and everything that was in them was looted a long time ago or shipped to museums. When I walked around, I noticed an almond tree and I was able to pick some of the nuts and crack them open with a stone on the Roman ruin.

The day after I cycled to Olhão. which proved to be a waste of time and didn’t noticeably help me in my pursuit of happiness.





6 thoughts on “The pursuit of happiness

    1. peteronthemove Post author

      Niet zo best. Het bljift sukkelen.
      Het lijkt ook wel afwisselend de linker- en de rechterknie te zijn….
      Ik word er horendol van. Gelukkig is het hier mooi weer…

      1. Ellen Hoogenboom

        Balen zeg!
        Ik lees net dat je weer naar het ziekenhuis bent geweest….
        Tramadol is een heftige pijnstiller, wordt in Nederland niet zo makkelijk voorgeschreven, waarschijnlijk ook ivm de bijwerkingen. 😉
        Hopen dat het werkt en dat de pijn wat minder wordt, zodat je weer verder kan fietsen.
        Hier koud en vaak nat, helaas geen sneeuw.
        Over een maandje gaan we skiën, dus dan kunnen we ons hart weer ophalen.
        Spreek je snel weer.
        Kus van je zussie en de mannen.

  1. Nikola

    Hey Pete!
    Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope you can believe that things are just as they’re supposed to be and find patience for change.
    I wish you peace of mind.
    Cheers from Marrakesh
    Nikola (Lisboa)


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