Central Portugal

On my last day in Porto I met some friends and we took part in some Port wine tasting. A woman explained about the origins of Port wine and showed us the oak barrels which were used to store the port. The big ones for the Ruby and the small ones for the Tawny which explains why Ruby tastes of fruits (it’s made of fruits) and Tawny  tastes of wood (it’s stored in comparably more wood). I asked about the White Port, but nobody knew where that was stored. We also tasted a few glasses of Port which was nice.

The weather forecast for the day after looked good and so I left for Aveiro. It was a pleasant ride along the coast. and then inland. Aveiro is nicknamed the ‘Venice of Portugal’ because it has a canal. The next day I cycled from Aveiro to Coimbra through more rain. I detest rain. And so I arrived drenched once more at the door of a hostel, After a long hot shower I went to the supermarket and it started to rain again. This time I was out on my sandals, because my shoes were soaked, and without my rainjacket. Getting wet for the second time that day left me miserable beyond description


On the road


On the road

According to the internet the hostel in Coimbra would provde me with a ‘traditional’ breakfast, and so I had braced my self for chicken feet and fish head soup. But apparently the people of Coimbra traditionally eat cornflakes and breadrolls with ham and cheese, so that was alright.

The hostel is bang in the middle of the old town ,on the top of a hill. You notice this when you are cycling. Getting around involved a lot of stairs, some of which have nice names like Escadas do Quebra-Costas, meaning Broken Ribs Steps.

I decided to see more of this city.


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