Porto II

Some things I’ve learnt:

Vinho Verde is not, as the name suggests, about the colour of the wine. In fact it comes in different variations, red and white. It is young wine as opposed to Vinho Maduro, it is fresh and sparkling with a lower alcohol percentage.

There are more than two hemispheres. There’s a Northern and a Southern hemisphere, but also an Eastern and a Western hemispere. In fact, one can divide our planet in any two hemispheres depending on which prime meridian one chooses.

By taking Greenwhich as the prime meridian (as is most commonly done these days), I have cycled already in two hemisperes!

I’ve also learned how to write my name in Korean.

In Porto

Looking smug in Porto

My days in Porto are not very demanding: I wake up, take a shower, get down for a lazy breakfast, watching CNN, BBC or SkyNews, and drinking lots of coffee. Some days I stroll around town for a prato do dia or a beer.

I visit the Wine Museum which is just fine for killing time on a Saturday afternoon when it’s free.

I have prolonged my stay in Porto, because my right knee still feels a bit wobbly and the weather hasn’t much improved since I arrived. Besides, living here in Portugal is very affordable.

In the hostel I practise both my Spanish and my French with other guests. Sometimes with a few words Portuguese thrown in. Actually, I throw in a lot of words that I doubt exist in any language…

Dolce far niente.

And reading. Haven’t done much reading on this trip so far. Bicycle touring leaves surprising little time for leisure.

When going steeply uphill in low gear my bike made a creaking noise so I visit a bike-shop and we have a look at the bike. I decide to get a new chain (a cheap Shimano), though the old one is still good enough. For peace of mind I keep the old one as a spare. Overall, the bike looks good and after loosening the hind wheel and cleaning it, the creaking sound is almost gone. I just love this bike: it’s unbelievable how little mantenance it needs!


2 thoughts on “Porto II

  1. Sérgio Marques

    Hello Petter.

    Thank you for passing in Folf n´Visit Store (www.foldnvisit.com) and for the talk!
    Hope you like Porto and eat a “Francesinha”.
    Good trip and i will take a look at your blog.

    Bets regards

    Sérgio Marques


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