I was invited to lunch with the staff of the hostel, but lunch didn’t start until 3 in the afternoon, so I had time to look up some interesting facts about Portugal.

In Portuguese the common interjection oxalá is used, derived from the Arabic Inshallah. It means ‘let’s hope’.  As in ‘let’s hope lunch will be ready soon’.

About half of the world’s cork is produced in Portugal.
Not sure if this counts as an interesting fact. It sounds quite dull to me.

In Portugal, it’s against the law to pee in the ocean.
This is definitely interesting. I took a picture of the ocean to show how futile this law is.

I photoshopped it. There was a bird in it I didn’t like.
It had to go.

Lighthouse at Porto

Lighthouse at Porto

It’s the Farol, Foz de Douro, or the lighthouse at the mouth of the Douro. This is the river that is used to transport the famous Port wine around the world. It was a nice bicycle ride from the hostel. A little further upriver, the famous Dom Luis bridge spans the Douro. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel and it has two decks.



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