To Porto

I read the weather forecast for Porto: In the morning showers, then rain.

Unfortunately the forecast proves to be correct: the day I cycle to Porto the weather is miserable. First I ride on the main road, but after that I decide to follow the blue arrows which lead me over cobble stones. Portugal is full of cobble stones. They must have a gigantic cobble stone mine somewhere.

The rain never stops. It ranges from a continuous drizzle to downright  torrential rain. Closer to the sea, the wind picks up and the rain finally eases. I stop at the side of the road to wring out my socks, but it doesn’t take long before it starts raining again. Nothing special, just a steady downpour and water is sloshing in my shoes once more.

Porto is a big city and I cycle through quite some more rain until I arrive at the hostel.

When I wake up the next morning I get to the bathroom and make some wild moves in the dark before I realise there’s no motion sensor and I start looking for the light switch.

hostel porto

Hostel life

Balconies in Porto

Balconies in Porto

Downtown Porto

Downtown Porto

This photo sums it up: churches, cobble stones and washing.


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