To Spain

In Biarritz I enjoyed two days of doing nothing. The second day I went to the beach and went for a swim which was rather challenging given the thrashing waves. It was for the first time this journey that I got my swimming trunks wet in salt water conditions and after I left the water they were filled with sand. This is how the beach looked:


Biarritz beachside

After two days in Biarritz, I knew very little about the city, except that it is in the French part of the Basque Country and that surfers love the place. Staying in the auberge de jeunesse was a great way of meeting other travellers: surfers, hikers and fellow cyclists. It was not a great place to update my blog. Very little work was done…


Basque license plate

The next day I packed my luggage on my bicycle and started pushing the pedals again. I still followed the Velodyssee and the scenery was very picturesque:


St. Jean-de-Luz

In Hendaye I crossed the border to Spain, but not before getting lost one final time in France. From the border I cycled to Errenterria along the Nacional Uno, which was not a great introduction to Spain, but that was made good by the warm welcome I received from my hosts Igor and Natalia, and their two wonderful daughters.

Apart from gorging on great food, I tried to explain to them of my troubles with route finding. I thought it was best made clear with the following drawing:


Route finding

Anyway, a big THANK YOU to Igor and Natalia.

In my next post I will relate how I’ve become a pilgrim.


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