Paris and beyond

The first morning I breakfasted with some porksteak, left from the evening before, because of the rain. After a cup of coffee I decided to see Paris by bicycle.

In Paris, bicycle lanes are often misused as a second parking lane, forcing the cyclist into the dense traffic. Otherwise, cycling in Paris is a breeze.

There was an enormous line for the Notre Dame, but it was a loose and wide queue with occassional gaps caused by people making pictures when they got near the front of the building. This gave me the idea of getting close to the line, fuddle a bit with my camera. let some people pass and then simply slide into the line. It worked, in a very Mr Bean kind of way.

Other tips:
– Next to the Notre Dame is a free toilet.
– There are no ATMs inside the Notre Dame (yet).

After Notre Dame I cycled to the nearby Pantheon but found out that they charged an entrance fee. I looked at the map and made a mark at Père Lachaise Cemetery, another location with Great Men (and Women) buried and with the additional bonus that it was free.

At the entrance was a map which I photographed, because I knew the graveyard was very large and I needed the photo to find my way around (given my notorious talent for getting lost). In this way I located the grave of Jim Morrison. It was fenced off for the public.

Jim Morrison

Dead American in Paris

Oscar Wilde wrote the following dialogue:

– When good Americans die they go to Paris.
– Where do bad Americans go?
– They stay in America.

Oscar Wilde’s grave looks like this:

Oscar WIlde's grave

Oscar WIlde’s grave

The day after (the first of October), I broke up and cycled in the direction of Versailles. After Versailles I had to deal with the N10. At times there were bicycle lanes, but sometimes I cycled on a narrow shoulder with traffic racing past me at 110 km/hr. Sorry, I mumbled, Google sent me this way, sorry! Next time I have wifi, I’ll have to check if I’m actually allowed to cycle there…

I am now in the department Eure-et-Loir.


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