To Paris

From Soissons I cycled to somewhere close to Meaux. Along the way I passed through the village where Jean Racine was born. He was the author of plays I’ve never even heard of, but according to Wikipedia, he is very important still.
Most remarkable, however, was the fact that I hardly took a wrong turn that day.


I have to be careful

It’s hunting season, so I have to be careful not to look like a pheasant.
That’s why I wear my new helmet! I bought it at a Decathlon store for 30 euros. They wouldn’t say it was bulletproof…

This is how I look with my helmet.

This is how I look with my helmet.

When I broke up from Meaux in the morning, it rained. It was a new experience to break everything up in a constant drizzle, but in the end I cycled away in my raingear and all my stuff more or less dry. Luckily it soon stopped raining. It was a bit difficult to find my way, but eventually I carried my bike down to a path along the Canal de l’Ourcq, where I stubbornly ignored the signs that said it was forbidden for cyclists. From Meaux to Paris wasn’t far, but the last bit was through the heart of Paris. I even cycled a bit arond the Arc de Triomphe.

Arc de Triomphe


Not a great photo, but at least I made it to Paris.


4 thoughts on “To Paris

  1. Hilde

    Tjonge, al helemaal naar Parijs gefietst! Vraag je aan voorbijgangers om een foto te maken? De eerste foto is vast een selfie, maar de tweede zo te zien niet…

    1. peteronthemove Post author

      Hoi Hilde,inderdaad, vlakbij de Arc staan altijd veel toeristen zelf foto’s te maken. Gewoon even vragen en niemand zal een bezweette toerfietser zoiets weigeren..!!

      2014-09-30 20:31 GMT+02:00 Peter on the move :


  2. Bego

    Although the helmet doesn’t match with the panniers, I think it was a good idea, as in Spain is compulsory to wear it on the road (not inside cities/towns). Maybe someone commented this already, I mean the missmatching or the Spanish laws, but I don’t understand that Dutch talking… 😉


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