From  Guise to Soissons was a long day. It started well with some steep climbs but nothing to worry about. This time I had a map and before I had started out  I had looked on Google Maps and had drawn the route (for cyclists) on my map. At some point the road deteriorated into a hardly visible track  and while I was cycling towards a motorway, I wondered if Google’s man on the ground had done his homework. Luckily it met with a bridge so I could cross the motorway.

Early afternoon I was sent into the woods. There were some steep little roads and I got lost again. When I bought my bike I had wondered when I would ever had use for first gear, because it kept me spinning like  mad without hardly getting anywhere. Now I knew….

Eventually I descended into Soissons fully loaded at about 40 km/hr and lorries thundering by only inches away. It was hair-raising and when i got back to my senses I decided this was the time to buy a helmet.

Soissons had some nice old buildings. This is one of them:


Abbey of some sort

It was ruined a long time ago. A lovely old lady explained it all to me in excellent English.
After that I was lying on the grass for sometime, taking in all the details.

It was very beautiful.


One thought on “Soissons

  1. kaipaulden

    Been reading your wordpress site and blog for the first time this evening. Well done Peter! Already your site is encouraging to me. I may go for a weekend cycle ride away for starters, and to taste freedom once again . . .
    Now I have tapped into your travel log, I intend to come here again, to see what you’ve been up to . . .


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