Resting day

Today I treated myself and  had a resting day. It looked like this:

Resteing day

Resting day

In fact, I had to get money, buy groceries, lubricate the chain of my bicycle, answer emails and do my laundry. Besides that, I strolled around town (chateau from the umpteenth century, very old), bought a baguette, because I was in France after all, and generally enjoyed not having to torture my sore behind.

When I was standing in line at the supermarket, I saw an old man walking around my bicycle, studying it with apparent perplexity.  Not a common sight around here, I mused while I was paying for my groceries. When I left the supermarket, I saw the old man studying a pile of shopping baskets with the same perplexity.

I learned that the region was called Picardy, but not much else, because this was the time that an elderly couple came in the kitchen and  turned on the old television. They talked loudly and occasionally sang along with songs shown on the tv. The kitchen being the only place with decent wifi, I had to sadly give up that comfort.

When I was fuddling with my bicycle, I noticed to my utter surprise that my compass was working again! The French must have repaired the magnetic field…


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