Navigational skills lacking…

The third day I had to get through Rotterdam. To aid cyclists in navigating this metropolitan area, people had begun signposting the way, but for some reason they had at various points abandoned their tasks.  After hours and hours, trying to find my way across several waterways and a myriad of motorways, I finally found my way out of this labyrinth.

I slept at a campsite in Lage Zwaluwe and at night it rained. The Hubba Hubba (see Equipment) kept me dry.

The next day I crossed the border into Belgium. It was overcast and I thought about my compass not working as I mentioned in my last post. Since it applied to navigation and navigation being a mathematical skill, I decided to tackle this problem in a logical way.


All directions

So if my compass pointed northwest  ALL THE TIME, it must be pointing the WRONG way MOST OF THE TIME. Therefore, if I wanted to go northwest, my best chance would be to go in a southeastern direction using my compass, because going in northwestern direction using my compass would lead me in the WRONG  direction MOST OF THE TIME, so going in the opposite direction must lead me in the RIGHT direction MOST OF THE TIME. Vice versa, if I wanted to go south, I just had to follow a northern direction.

Anyway, I am in BELGIUM!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Navigational skills lacking…

  1. Anton

    ik zou ook Brussel, Lille, Parijs en eigenlijk alle steden groter dan 100.000 inwoners mijden en daar met een grote boog omheen rijden


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