Burning bridges

“When one burns one’s bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.”

― Dylan Thomas

This morning I called my internet provider to inform them I was no longer going to require their services. The girl that answered the phone asked me if I would mind giving a reason.
– I am going to travel around the world.
– Ooh, that’s sooo aaaawesome..!! she said. But what will you do with your job?
– I gave up my job, I said.
– And what about your house?
– I also gave up my house, I answered.
– I could never do that, she said, I need my job. And I need my house.
– I know, I said, most people do.

I googled ‘aaaawesome’ with four a’s and got about 44,300 results.

After we had finished with the administrative details, she asked me where I was going to fly to.
I explained I was going to ride a bicycle.
– That’s such a great idea, she exclaimed enthusiastically.
– It could be a stupid idea, I ventured.
– Oh no, she said, it’s a great idea. Where are you going to start?
– Just from my house.
– Well, I think you shouldn’t go to Russia.
_ I don’t think I will, I said.
– Or India. Or Pakistan.
– I’ll keep that in mind, I said.
– I hope you’ll have a wonderful trip, she said.
– Thank you.

Lately I have more and more of these conversations and sometimes they worry me.


Since I couldn’t find a nice photo of burning bridges in my archive, I thought I’d just share a picture of some jackfruit. It’s the National Fruit of Bangladesh, in case you’re wondering.



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