What does NFAQ mean?
– Not (so) frequently asked questions. Like this one.
Or the next one:

Where is your caravan?
– I don’t have a caravan.
This was asked by a little girl at a campsite in the Netherlands.

You do not have a caravan?
– No, I sleep In my tent.
I waved at the tent I was sitting next to.

You’re nuts.
Technically that is not a question.

Are you nuts?
Is a question, but it belongs firmly in the FAQ category…

Who was Buffalo Calf Road Woman?
– A Cheyenne woman who died of malaria in 1878. She was famous for something or other which you can read all about on wikipedia.

Are you from Japan?
– No… uhm?!?
This was asked by a receptionist at a hotel in Bangladesh.

Sign in the Temple of the Tooth, Kandy, Sri Lanka.


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