Clutter consists of things that aren’t used, clothes that will never be worn and all that rubbish that lies around unbeknownst in cellars, on attics and in garages. Clutter developed alongside civilisation when people congregated in cities to live in houses, which, come to think of it, are the single most effective means to collect clutter.

It became plethoric with the arrival of shopping malls.

A nomadic lifestyle therefore is very conducive to decluttering your life as you can only keep what you can carry with you. I am in the process of decluttering right now and it feels good. Everything that doesn’t fit in the panniers of my bicycle has to go.

A large portion of my books will go to charity and I will donate most of my clothes to the Red Cross. Someone else will have to look smart in them.

Godawful boring, these pre-departure posts. Wait till I get to Belgium…


This is me at the Victoria Falls.


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