On making plans

Anyone familiar with Murphy’s law will be quick to perceive that every plan could be nothing more than a list of things that can go wrong and therefore a list of things that will go wrong.

Before I left for my first big trip (2005 – 2008) I had made it clear that this was going to be my Big Asia Trip. Only for reasons of economy did I decide to fly to Cairo after which I would make my way into Asia. Instead, I travelled south to Sudan and in Khartoum I met travellers who told me enchanting stories about Ethiopia and, before I knew it, I was queueing for an Ethiopian visa.
By the time I reached Addis Ababa I received emails from friends trying to tactfully remind me that Asia was actually quite a bit farther east…

This will suffice to illustrate that I am no stranger to plans going out the window.

However, having a plan will give a certain direction to an enterprise.
Without any objective at all it’ll be hard to get a sense of achievement and the traveller will be in peril of becoming a drifter.  So I hatched a plan and it’s only short of brilliant:

My plan is to go South!

Easy to remember.


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